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Love Your Home & It Will Love You Back!

I really believe if you love your home, it will love you back! It is a bit like taking care of your own body, if you are feeding yourself with nutritious food and practicing mindfulness, then it will generally run at a great energy level. On the other hand if you feed it with junk food and negative information, over time your body will show signs of blocked energy with different warnings or illnesses that may show up. It's the same with your home! By keeping on top of maintenance and organisation around the home the energy level will feel high, relationships, career and money should flow nicely. However, when things are not maintained and taken care of, over time you will feel the energy flow drop which is very draining to everyone living in the home. It also has the potential to negatively influence and affect your life in many ways.

Here are a few the things that you should keep on top of as part of your regular routine:

  • clean/tidy kitchen

  • clean & fresh bedding

  • clean & fresh towels

  • removing clutter

  • clear rotting food in the fridge

  • dusting

  • piles of washing - clean or dirty

  • clean bathrooms/toilet

  • vacuum/mop floors

  • attend to broken oven/hotplates

Spring cleaning items:

  • fix leaking pipes/taps

  • fix peeling/flaky paint

  • fix broken doors

  • cleaning windows

  • cleaning exterior of home

  • gurney driveway

  • cleaning behind furniture

  • clear clutter

  • gardening/pruning

Ask yourself how can your home support and love you with clutter, dirt and stagnant old energy?

As a Feng Shui consultant I often see clients feeling overwhelmed with their homes. I always support and let them know that we are all guilty at some stage of letting things go for one reason or another. The important thing is to recognise when things are getting out of control. I want people to love their homes and feel the benefits. While cleaning & clearing clutter, technically isn't Feng Shui, I do find that one of the quickest ways to improve the flow of energy in your home and ultimately your life is keeping your home clean and tidy and removing any clutter.

I know life can get hectic and you are probably juggling a multitude of things, but if you can do a few jobs around the house everyday, you will be amazed at how the energy will feel in your home. Some days this might only look like making beds, wizzing a broom over the floors and doing the dishes and other days you can tackle a lot more.

Doing daily tasks is so important to avoid a backlog of things, however every few months make sure you get into every corner of your home.

And now that Spring is here, it is the perfect time to freshen everything up. I don't know about you, but when it starts getting warmer, you feel more motivation to get things done.

An uncluttered, sparkling clean home not only looks and feels amazing, it will make you fell that way too!!

So what are you waiting for? What room are you going to start in? I'm clearing out my garage tomorrow.

Wishing you health, wealth & happiness! Dee x


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