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Personal Destiny Analysis otherwise known as 4 Pillars of Destiny is a unique ancient astrology system that has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese to evaluate and uncover your destiny by analysing your birth data.


The 4 Pillars refers to the year, month, day & hour of someones birth.  This method is based on the principles of Yin & Yang and the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood.

Once your birth chart has been drawn up an analysis can be done.  Looking for clashes, compatibility and combinations of these Five Elements gives us a deeper insight of all areas of your life including your true nature and characteristics.

Your unique chart also maps out luck pillars during the course of your lifetime and these luck pillars are divided into 10 year cycles.  Each luck pillar has a different energy which can indicate many things including, career success, marriage, children, wealth and health.

Having this information at hand about yourself gives you the knowledge of when it is a time for growth or when you should lay low and be cautious.

By having your Personal Destiny Chart analysed you will:


  • Understand your true nature and characteristics.

  • Learn and understand your personal strengths and talents.

  • Be given the heads up of what luck cycles may be challenging and others that are auspicious for important life events including career change, having children, marriage and moving house. 

"We all have questions about our health, career, wealth and relationships at some point during our lives.  I'm excited that I'm able to help answer these questions and show you how to navigate and optimise life's ups and downs with confidence." - Dee

To order you own Personal Destiny Chart simply click on the Order Now Button. 

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