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Home and office consultations involve using the combination of:


Form School Feng Shui - looks at the energy flow through the actual landscape of the environment and the symbolism of the natural shapes found in the landforms around your home or office.


Compass School Feng Shui - uses the Lo Pan or Feng Shui Compass which interprets the Eight Mansions and Flying Stars for the home or office.


  • Eight Mansions defines auspicious and unlucky sectors of a home according to which direction the front door faces and how this affects the fortune of its occupants.


  • Flying Stars Feng Shui is the most involved technique that uses a mathematical system by studying the  effects of time.  Flying Stars uses a combination of the principles; yin and yang, the interaction between five elements, the eight triagrams, the Lo Shu numbers and the 24 mountains, by using time and space enables you to create a chart that shows you the positive and negative energies that impact on your home or office.


Birthdate Analysis - depending on your birthdate you are allocated a Kua number.  This number shows us your four good directions and four bad directions to face when you are working, sleeping etc.