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Home and office consultations involve using the combination of the following traditional Feng Shui systems:


  • Form School Feng Shui - looks at the energy flow through the actual landscape of the environment and the symbolism of the natural shapes found in the landforms around your home or office.


  • San Yuen Yuen System is a traditional Feng Shui system that has its lineage from the Tang Dynasty (618-907).  This system underpins the other systems used in my practice.  

  • Flying Stars Feng Shui uses a mathematical system by studying the  effects of time.  Flying Stars uses a combination of the principles; yin and yang, the interaction between five elements, the eight triagrams, the Lo Shu numbers and the 24 mountains, by using time and space enables you to create a chart that shows you the positive and negative energies that impact on your home or office.


Birthdate Analysis - depending on your birthdate you are allocated a Kua number.  This number shows us your four good directions and four bad directions to face when you are working, sleeping etc.




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