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'We engaged Dee from Balancing Energies to apply some Feng Shui to our home. She is amazing. We felt a difference the day after we applied her suggestions. A few days after this, I travelled away to run an event, and we had a record sales for our business and generated almost $2m in revenue which was the best event we have ever had. I run a business, and I believe a lot of the changes Dee helped us make, had a large impact on this. I really believe in this work, and I feel everyone would benefit from having balancing energies assist you. I have also noticed an improvement in my health and my relationship since having Dee help us with our house. I HIGHLY recommend this. Thank you so much.'

- Andrew,


'After a long period of "bad luck" including financial losses, significant sickness and career setbacks we called Dee for help. She was amazing. She is so easy to work with. Her advice is practical, non judgemental and incredibly supportive. While we are still chipping away at things and have a number of rooms to still tackle things have definitely turned around and i can feel a complete different energy in the house. My only regret is that we did not do something sooner.'

- Tracie-Lee,


'My husband and I engaged Dee to apply Feng Shui to our house in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland. We felt the house had attracted negative energy affecting certain areas of our life – health, money, and work performances – leading to a downhill slide into disorder. Our intuition told us we needed an urgent and positive uplift. We chose Dee because she has been a professional Feng Shui consultant for many years, and we had enormous faith in her Feng Shui abilities. Her work in making positive energy changes to our home has been astonishingly powerful, but subtle. We implemented the recommended changes in our house by reshuffling or relocating furniture, paintings and fixtures to create a positive energy environment. The environment in our house is becoming calm, relaxed and gentle reflecting the further subtle changes being implemented and the positive uplift in energy. We are already experiencing benefits in our health, finances and work performance and it’s a great feeling to know it can only get better. Dee’s Feng Shui professional know how, her insight and foresight has given our home and ourselves new energy. Feng Shui is simply amazing, it can truly rebalance the energies of your home to benefit the people who live there by creating harmony and a state of calmness.'

- Svetlana,


'I first met Dee when we both attended a study tour of China several years ago and connected. Little did I know she would become a Feng Shui sounding board, but also provide me with some amazing knowledge and insight.

Dee has completed my Chinese Astrology chart for me and that has given me so many different ways to view where my journey is going. She has also been able to see into my home (where I was getting caught) and help me to find solutions to areas needing some energy shifting and changing. Dee has a beautiful soul, a wonderful gift for energy. Dee understands Feng Shui energy in a truly remarkable way. I would recommend Dee to anyone looking for a shift in their energy and the energy of their home. '

- Leanne Carius,

Feng Shui Store and More

'Dee has been our Feng Shui consultant for the past four years.  During this time our business has more than doubled in size and continues to expand.

When we moved into a new premises Dee assisted with office layout to enhance productivity and create an harmonious workspace.

We have yearly checkups to make sure we are doing all the right things to promote success and happiness within our team.  

We also asked Dee to help us with siting of the new house we built last year.  She came on site with the builder to calculate the exact positioning of the home prior to building.  The building work was completed without any problems and we are now enjoying our new home.

We feel grateful to have met Dee and will continue to enjoy working with her in the future.' - Dianne Conley,

Interior Designer, Blink Living


'I have gained amazing results from engaging Dee at Balancing Energies. When I first met with Dee I was having trouble sleeping, and in my business I had lost my top client. Within weeks of implementing Dee’s recommendations I was sleeping properly again and had gained new improved clients for my business. The changes I made consisted mainly of adjusting my sleeping and working direction, however they helped to significantly improve my health and wealth'.

- Amanda,

Sunshine Beach




'Dee is awesome.  The space she helped to refine and develop on my new house build really made the difference. Highly recommeded!'

- Mark,





'We run a small business on the Coast and were experiencing delays in getting paid. The work was always there, but getting paid was never easy.  I contacted Dee to do a full Feng Shui report on our home and office to try and clear the negative energy and get a much more balanced and free flowing energy in both our business and home life. 

One of the changes that Dee suggested was that we change our office with our daughters room.  Well...the effects of this have been absolutely remarkable and it was almost instantaneous.  Literally within twenty minutes after changing our office space I received a remittance for an overdue and quite substantial payment.  Money now flows into our business easily and abundantly.  There has been so many remarkable changes in our business and family home life. 

I can't recommend Dee enough as the changes we have had are so remarkable and ongoing including:

  •  consistently being paid on time

  •  securing much more ongoing work

  •  a happier more balanced home life

  • positive changes to our general health and well being'

- Tayla,




12 Riviera Crescent

'Dee had styled this property ready for sale and when I first saw it.  I knew instantly that it would sell quickly, it had an incredible feel that is difficult to describe but amazing to experience.  As a result of the ambience she created this home sold for a street record to the first buyer who saw it, before it even hit the market.   Dee is highly skilled in the art of Feng Shui & Home Styling, transforming a home to present at its absolute best.  In addition to that she is extremely professional and considerate.  If you want the best chance at selling your home for the best price you simply must call her.'

Jodie Curran – Principal - Agent 4573 Real Estate




29 Riviera Crescent

'There was a lot of pressure on this sale as the sellers had purchased their dream home and under their contract conditions had only 30 days to get an offer on the house I had been engaged to sell for them at 29 Riviera Crescent.  The average days on market in this area is 120.  The deadline was fast approaching and without an offer in sight and the sellers were becoming increasingly concerned about the prospect of losing their dream home.  They called in Dee who help them correct the flow with colours and furniture placement.   and the very next buyer who inspected the home made an offer which resulted in the sale on day 29.  The sellers were able to proceed with the purchase of their dream home and were ecstatic!'

- Jodie Curran - Principal - Agent 4573 Real Estate




'When selling our property last year, we had lots of positive comments at open homes however just couldn't get that buyer we needed. We then decided to call on the expert advice of Dee.

With her expertise in Feng Shui we took on her advice and rearranged furniture and incorporated colours in certain areas of our home.   Within days our house sold.'


Peregian Springs QLD




'Dee has been my family Feng Shui Practitioner for approximately 6 years.  Since using the practice of Feng Shui when selling several of our properties over the years we have sold quickly and for prices well over above asking.  With some simple decluttering, furniture placement, colour enhancements and symbols, Dee made our homes beautiful and easy to sell.  What a pleasure to deal with such a positive and beautiful soul.'

- Leanne,

Glengowrie SA




Client Testimonials

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