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Graphic Design Office

A Small Business consultation involves an onsite visit and thorough evaluation of your office using traditional Feng Shui techniques including Form, San Yuen Yuen System and Flying Star School Feng Shui.  You will receive a customised report specific to your business within 7 days of your consultation.  The report will include:


  • Essential information on how you can improve the Feng Shui within your office by activating positive energies and subduing the negative energy

  • Remedy suggestions that will fit into your office decor

  • Colour and decor suggestions including how to arrange office furniture

  • Water feature placement to enhance financial prosperity for the business

  • A birth chart analysis for directions and elements for all staff members.  This will give you best directions for staff to sit

  • An onsite visit

  • Telephone and email support

  • Pricing for a consultation varies on the size of you business.  Please contact Dee on 0402 019 866 or email at for more information


What you will need to provide before your consultation:


  • A floor plan of the office space drawn to scale

  • The year the building was built

  • Provide birth dates of all staff members in the business

Payment Terms

Once a booking has been made, a 50% deposit is required to be paid within 48 hours to secure the consultation with the balance owing after the initial site consultation and prior to the release of the final report. Direct deposit into my bank account is the preferred method or credit card payment via PayPal or over the phone.

A Tax Invoice will be issued for any service provided.

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