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Are You Planning a Renovation or Building a New Home?

I know it is an exciting time, however it can become overwhelming, so don't rush the process as there are many considerations and details that can easily be missed. Some of the considerations are:

  • The best floor plan design - don't just settle for the first design. A professional designer can show you a couple of different layouts

  • Optimal Feng Shui placement and Feng Shui timing

  • Window and door placement

  • Bathroom fittings

  • Kitchen appliances

  • Reliable, reputable, affordable builder and trades

  • Colour scheme, just to name a few.

Investing in a qualified Traditional Feng Shui Consultant (me) to look over your floor plans during the design and before they are finalised is ideal. This is such an important part of the design process that shouldn't be overlooked as each home has its own frequency with optimal energy, which I identify using my LoPan Compass. When this energy is activated correctly with the placement of doorways, windows, kitchen appliances, sinks, toilets & bath/shower it helps bring health, career, promotion, wealth and happiness, which is quite incredible actually! This is why having a consultation during design or at least before the building starts is so important. It is a whole lot easier to change things around before construction if needed as you will not to want to re-do a bathroom if the toilet or shower is in the wrong area if it has just been completed!!

It makes my heart sing when clients go through the stages of design and construction, watching the excitement build and fade haha!! But knowing that at completion the family will feel the full benefits of this ancient art because the Feng Shui calculations were considered and implemented before and during the building process.

The other Feng Shui consideration is the timing. What does this mean? Well, each year there are annual energies that shouldn't be disturbed or renovated if you are still going to be living in the home during the renovation/construction period. If you are moving out during this time then there is no issue to steam ahead. This year the areas that are affected and should be avoided are the North, Centre, Southwest and Northeast. If these areas are disturbed, it can potentially can cause problems for the people living in the home. This manifests differently for everyone, but can be illness, loss of income or relationship issues. So before you start knocking down walls, check what sector it falls in to avoid any mishaps.

If you would like any further information on how I can help you during this exciting journey, please feel free to either email me at: or call on 0402 019 866.

Wishing you health, wealth & happiness!

Dee x


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