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How To Create A Calm Home

Have you ever wondered how to create a calm home?

It can all be achieved with the Feng Shui - flow of energy, furniture placement and daily habits.

Having a Feng Shui consultation with me will provide you with practical recommendations to bring the energy of your home into balance and create harmony in your environment.

I always suggest giving your house a deep clean and tidy before implementing any of my Feng Shui recommendations.

To help you with this I am going to give you some organising and clearing tips room by room, which is the first step to helping you achieve your calm home.

When you are organising each room, it is important to consider furniture placement. To do this simply walk into each room and see if you can easily move around the furniture or are you stumbling over things? If it isn’t easy to walk around, then the energy won’t be flowing either. To solve this issue you may need to move things around or remove some furniture all together.

When you begin to clean and reorganise your home, start with one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. I promise you by having a place for everything and everything in its place will help invite beautiful energy in your home creating a calm sanctuary.

Ok let’s get started!!


When you pull up in your driveway. What do you see? Is it visually pleasing or is the yard overgrown with weeds and a dirty porch? Whatever it is, this is the type of energy you will be inviting into your home.

Ideally when you pull up at the front of your home you want your heart to sing, not have that dreaded feeling of overwhelm.

If you have found yourself getting behind in the garden maintenance, don’t worry things happen. An easy way to get back on top of things is spending less than 10 mins a day pulling weeds and trimming plants and before you know it, will be presenting at its best.

Front Door – Entry Hall

A front door should be kept clean and in working order including locks and hinges.

A great habit to get into is wiping your front door down every week when you dust and this keeps it fresh and welcoming.

Your porch can be a place for dust and dirt to build up, so vacuum & mop every week when you do your floors. Having this area sparkling invites beautiful fresh energy into your home.

Entry Hall

Is your family guilty of kicking off their shoes and leaving them in the entrance? A solution for this is to place basket under your entrance table. Visually this reduces any clutter by the front door.

It is also handy to have a draw for your keys or bowl on the entry table, saving your kitchen bench from becoming a dumping ground.

This space needs to be kept clutter free for the energy to flow easily through the rest of the home.


Your kitchen is the hub of your home and when life is busy it is easy to let things go, with dishes on the sink, food spoiling in the fridge and things left on the bench top. However, with a little bit of preparation and having designated homes for things it makes it a whole lot easier.


A way I have managed to reduce food wastage is to do a food plan for the week ensuring everything I have left in the fridge gets used first. It is also great after a busy day to know what you are preparing that evening without having to think of something when you walk in the door.

What are your weekly family meals? My weekly plan looks something like this:

· Stir fry – chicken or beef. Beef is our family favourite

· Chicken curry with veggies

· Steak with mushroom sauce & steamed veggies

· Tacos or burritos (we season ourself, so not using pre-packaged seasoning) TIP. Make double batch to freeze.

· Butterfly lamb with steamed veggies or salad

· Pork fillets rolled in curry with mustard sauce & steamed veggies

· Asian soup

· BBQ butterflied chicken with salad

· Bolognaise/Lasagne TIP. Make double batch to freeze.


In the pantry, it is a great idea to have different size glass jars for the likes of flour & pasta and plastic or wire baskets to house oil bottles, spreads and sauces. Putting them in categories makes it very easy to find what you are looking. For example; all sauces in one, loose packets in another, oils in another and lunchbox snacks and so on. Depending on the type of baskets you choose, you can even label for easy reference.

Under sink

Having a couple of different sized baskets under your sink helps organise detergents, bin bags and dish cloths, avoiding unnecessary spills and keeps them orderly.

The Junk Draw

It is a draw where things get thrown, because we think we will use down the track. Sure, we need some where to store sticky tape, batteries and a screw driver, but why is a Christmas cracker toy in there from last Christmas?? I am guilty of collecting stuff too and when I recently cleaned mine out after quiet sometime of stashing, I found a couple of spare door handles I was going to use from a couple of houses ago…. The point is we need to regularly throw out items in this draw to avoid a pile of junk that we keep, just because we might need one day.

Master Bedroom

Have you made your bed today? This is such an important thing to do every day as it sets the tone for the entire day. Once you have made your bed you have accomplished your first task of the day. For me it also gives me gratitude that I have a beautiful comfy bed to sleep in at night.

Avoid having mirrors facing your bed as this can cause disturbed sleep and also invite a third party into your relationship. The best place for a mirror is in on the back of the bathroom door or in the walk-in robe.

Remove desks, gym equipment and televisions out of your room as not only causes an over active mind and disturbed sleep, it isn’t setting a very romantic tone… Click on the image above or head over to my blog 'Love Is In The Air' if you would like more information on how to set your master bedroom for romance.


A general rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn an item in 12 months it is time to move it on. If you use this rule, your wardrobe will not become an over flowing mess. Another way to keep on top of clothing is if you purchase an item, one item needs to be sent to the charity bin or sold on Marketplace.

I like to colour code my hanging space as it makes it easier to see and looks more organised. For example; all white items together, black items together, pink items together and so on.

You can also purchase lovely cloth or knitted baskets to pop on shelving for your folded items, hats, bags and belts.

Kid's Bedrooms

Getting your children involved in day to day tasks helps them learn the benefits of living in a calm home.

Depending on the age of the children get them to either help or make their own bed, giving them pride of their calm space.

Labelled plastic tubs are a great storage solution for kid’s bedrooms. Having the tubs labelled makes it easy for them to pack up themselves and to find when they want to play with them again. The beauty of tubs is they can be stacked and stored in wardrobes at the end of the day.

Please don't store toys or books under beds as this can cause an over active mind and not restful for sleeping.

Home Office

Having a clear desk to work on is the ideal however, if you are like me and work better on a messy desk I do recommend you have your paperwork to one side and not spread all over the desk or floor.

If you are a messy desk kind of person, tidying it at the end of each day provides you with a fresh start the next time you are working at it.

Having a filing system in place helps the spread of papers. I use manila folders for each of my clients, making it easy to grab for reference if they have questions regarding their Feng Shui or Home Styling.

If you like to keep paper receipts rather than scanning them, having a folder for these also helping ease the clutter on your desk.

Ensuite & Main Bathroom

Having cupboards sorted with plastic containers of varying sizes helps ensure everything has its place. For example; Moisturisers & deodorant in medium container, nail polish in a small container, hair straightener & blow dryer in a larger container.

Using a glass squidgy in the shower daily reduces how often you need to clean it as it helps reduce build up on the glass.

Having a washing basket in a bathroom alleviates piles of dirty clothes growing on the floor.


I treat the laundry in a similar fashion to the other cupboards in the house. I have my washing powders in Tupperware containers and all other cleaning agents and cleaning cloths are in a couple of plastic baskets under the sink.

Fold and hang the washing as you bring it in off the line to avoid large piles of clothes building up. If you are an ironer try to do it regularly to avoid standing behind the ironing board for hours at a time.

Linen Cupboard

To help with the organisation of your linen, folding your towels and sheets and keeping them grouped in their colour waves not only looks lovely, but it is easy to find what you need.

If your linen cupboard is overflowing a great idea is to donate your excess towels and blankets to an animal shelter, especially during this colder weather.

Living Room

This space is sometimes an easy area to become a dumping ground for toys, magazines, coffee cups etc. at the end of a day.

Having the other rooms in the house already organised makes it easier to put items away in their proper home, not just left to pile up or thrown in a corner.


The garage can be one of the worst places in a home to try to keep organised. Not only is it a place to park your car, but these days it is a storage area for your lawn mower, tools, bikes etc. Unfortunately, also what tends to happen is everything that doesn’t ‘fit’ in the home tends to get sent out to the garage causing a pile of stuff!!

It is important to work out if you really need this stuff especially if it has been moved to the garage… If you do need to keep it, a storage solution for this is shelving and big stackable tubs, labelled for easy reference.

For your bikes, there are these awesome brackets you hang on the wall that pivot called Steady Rack, which take up less room to store your bikes.

So overall when there is limited space in the garage having a storage system in place can eliminate piles of stuff everywhere.

You may have gathered by now that I’m a huge fan of containers and storage tubs. I find they help getting and keeping things organised that little bit easier. I love the ranges offered at Ikea and Kmart.


It is important not to over look cleaning your windows regularly as windows in Feng Shui symbolise the eyes to the world. If they are dirty they can affect the ability to see clearly and also blocks the energy flow into your home.

Sage Smudge Clearing

Once you have your house cleaned and organised, I recommend using a white sage smudge stick to help remove any negative heavy energy that may have built up and inviting in new clean energy. Click on the picture to order yours today.

Getting into the habit of a quick 10 minute tidy at the end of a day sets the tone for a more organised next day. There is nothing better than jumping out of bed to a tidy fresh home!!

If you would like a Feng Shui Consultation or need help getting your home organised, simply email me at or call on 0402 019 866 for more information.

Photo credit: Pinterest, Villa's of Byron, Ikea & Steady Rack

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