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"Breaking Down the Flying Star Energy for April 2024: What You Need to Know"

April is a Month of Double Stars between 4th April to 4th May. As a Feng Shui Consultant, I always pay attention to when the Annual Flying Stars double up and align with the Monthly Stars.

What this means is that it doubles the lucky sectors but also doubles the unlucky sectors. I do recommend that you take note and extra care of the unlucky sectors ensuring you have things in place to subdue.

The Flying Stars chart pictured shows each direction of the compass. You will notice they contain two numbers. The larger number on the left of each square represents the Annual Star and the smaller number on the right represents the current Monthly Star. These smaller numbers change every month, which creates a new energy within your home or office. The sectors in the pink tone are the areas that you need to take extra care of this month.

If you are unsure of the compass direction of your home, using a reliable compass is best, however for the purpose of this exercise you can use the compass on your phone ensuring it is set to magnetic north. To get the reading stand in the centre of your home and it will shoot off the directions allowing you calculate each sector of your home.

Green = Lucky

Pink = Unlucky

First let's concentrate on the sectors that you need to take extra care with. Keep these areas quiet as possible this month to help subdue any negative energy.

Southeast - The #2 Star is known as the Illness Star. There is a higher chance to fall ill in this sector if you are spending a lot of time in or if your bedroom is positioned here. A great way to subdue this energy is with metal or a saltwater cure. If you already have these in place for the Annual energy, I suggest adding a little bit more metal this month. No renovations or digging in this sector.

West - The troublesome #5 Star can cause all sorts of misfortune and should not be ignored. To subdue this Star, add additional metal in this space or a saltwater cure. No renovations or digging in this sector.

Centre - With the #3 Star doubled up this month you may feel more argumentative. So if you feel this energy, placing something in red tones (red, pink, purple or orange) to help subdue. On the flip side, if you are shy and not overly confident, then this #3 Star can provide you with the confidence and give you the push you need to get out there.

South - As the #7 Robbery Star is doubled this month, which increases the chances of robbery and injury. Take extra care and ensure your windows and doors are locked in this area. Robbery can also be people stealing business ideas, so take care of who you talk to about these ideas. Placing 3 bamboo stems in a glass vase with water is a great way to subdue this energy.

The next few sectors are the luckier areas. Typically spending time in these areas helps activate their positive energy. Ensure to keep these sectors clutter free so you can take advantage of the wonderful energy flowing through.

Northwest - The #4 Star has an academic, romance & creativity energy. A great area to spend in when studying and creating. This Star also indicates great romance luck.

Southwest - The #9 Star brings prosperity, even more this month. Spending time in this sector and movement will help activate this wonderful energy. Adding a lamp here is also a lovely enhancer. The Southwest is the perfect sector to spend time in.

Northeast - The #6 Star brings wonderful windfall luck this month. Spending time in this sector and movement helps to activate this energy.

East - The #1 Star brings opportunities to increase recognition with your skills and talents. So, if you are wanting to gain recognition for your skills, be sure to spend time in the East.

North - The #8 Star is a wonderful wealth star and is doubled this month. This energy brings plenty of wealth creating luck. Activate with movement and spend time here.

If you would like any further information on how I can help you with these Annual and Monthly Stars, please feel free to either email me at: or call on 0402 019 866.

Wishing you health, wealth & happiness!

Dee x

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