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Take Timeout & Breathe

When was the last time you took time out just for you?

We all get caught up in day to day stuff where our to-do-lists are a mile long. The pressures of what we think we have to get done on a daily basis are over the top.

Yes of course we have to do things like getting the kids ready for school & after school activities, job commitments, cleaning, cooking etc. Seriously the demands of daily life can be overwhelming. Everyone you talk are constantly saying 'I'm so busy!'

Drop the guilt of what you haven't finished on your to-do-list and give yourself permission to stop and take some time out for yourself. 'What you can't be serious, I'm far too busy for that!' I hear you say. Trust me you will thank me later.

Something as simple as having a cup of tea out in the sunshine, listen to your favourite music, a walk in nature, read that book you have wanted to start reading, even just concentrating on the beautiful fresh air filling your lungs will do wonders.

When you do allow yourself this time to relax you will be calmer, happier, have a clearer mind and be more productive with your time afterwards.

What are your favourite things to do when you have some time out?

For me I love going to the beach or a walk through a national park. I am also learning the art of meditation. I'm not brilliant at it, but am getting there. I love sitting out in the garden with a cup of tea listening to the birds and now that is cooling down a bath with epson salts is devine!

When you you stop - you hear birds chirping, bees buzzing and your own heart beating and for this you will be grateful that you allowed yourself some timeout.

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