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Dragonfly Blessings

The vibration from this dragonfly was extraordinary!

My childhood friend loved dragonflies, but it wasn't until her passing that I saw their true beauty.

I remember as a young child if a dragonfly flew near me when I was swimming in the family pool I would duck under the water or try to splash it away because I was petrified it was going to sting me. How differently I see them now!

Since Annette's passing many of her family and friends have been blessed with visits from dragonflies. I have been extremely lucky to have had eleven fly inside my home. To my delight three have sat on my hand and that experience was beyond amazing! Each time I felt an extraordinary amount of peace, love and gratitude. Oh and lots of happy tears!

As the 2nd year anniversary of Annette's passing fast approaches I find myself thinking about the metaphysical meaning of a dragonflys presence.

My interpretation is:

  • Transformation

  • Change

  • Adaptability in life

  • No fear

  • A reminder to bring lightness and happiness into your life

  • Be free to express your true feelings

  • Celebrate your unique self and shine in the light

So next time one of these beautiful creatures cross your path have a think about where you are in your life. Are you about to transform? Or do you need to celebrate your unique self? Whatever it is it for you, you are being blessed by a dragonfly.

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