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Why You Should Start the New Year with a Clean Home.

It is great to start the new year with a clear and clean slate which of course includes your home!

If you follow me on Socials, you will see that during the year I'm always encourage my clients and readers to keep on top of their clutter and home maintenance. While it isn't a traditional Feng Shui practice as such, it does allow for vibrant Qi (energy) to continually flow through your home. When you think about it, how can beautiful fresh energy flow through a cluttered dirty home? It can't and the energy will reflect that feeling heavy, stagnant and stuck.

On a basic Feng Shui side of things (as there are many layers looked at in Feng Shui consultation) each sector of your home represents a person depending on their birth year, gender and also a body part or organ. For example; if the Southeast sector has a build up of clutter, dirt, mould or overgrown garden it can cause issues with the eldest daughter, people born in the Year of Snake or Year of Dragon. The body parts effected can be chest, back, shoulder, neck and throat.

The maintenance also includes your garden. How does your home look when you pull up in the driveway? Is it neat and tidy or full of weeds and overgrown plants in desperate need of some TLC? Remember the front of the house is where the energy gathers before it enters your home, so if it is overgrown how can the energy enter?

It is also important to understand that your home is an extension of your Aura or energy field. So if your home is unorganised, cluttered or dirty you can guarantee this how you will also be feeling... Which is one of the reasons I keep reminding you why cleaning, organising, rearranging furniture or getting rid of clutter from your space can have a huge impact on your mind, body & spirit.

I know life can be frantic and exhausting at times and sometimes things get missed or put in the too hard basket, which I'm sure we are all guilty of this at times (I know I am). But please know the sooner you get back on top of things, the lighter and better you and your home will feel. You don't have to do it all at once. The key here is to just start and focus on what you can do.

It is the build up to the silly season after all, so set yourself an achievable goal and write a list of what you want to achieve before the New Year arrives.

However, if you have left things and you are now in that cycle of overwhelm how do you get back on track? Here are a couple of things that may help.

  • Start with one room, one draw or cupboard at a time and systematically work through your home. I have written a previous blog on this. - How to Create a Calm Home.

  • Have a working bee. I know it can be hard to ask for help when you need it, but generally speaking friends or family are more than happy to help (just don't forget to feed and hydrate them during the clean up!)

  • Invest in a professional home organiser, even if it is for a couple of hours for them to show you how to get started.

  • Once you have cleared the clutter if you hate cleaning, hire a cleaner for a couple of hours.

  • Hire a gardener to help clear out any overgrowth that has gotten out of hand.

  • If people don't know what to get you for Christmas, a voucher from one of these professionals maybe the best Christmas present ever!

Once you have successfully cleaned your home from top to bottom, it then allows for you to welcome in vibrant new energy! The goal now is to keep on top of everything to avoid the status of overwhelm.

If you are still a little unsure on how to keep on top of things I have a PDF available to purchase which gives you a guide to a weekly, fortnightly & monthly cleaning schedule which keeps you on task. It's a handy guide you can download onto your phone, print out to pop on your fridge or in your diary. It is something that my family & I find really handy.

Wishing you health, wealth & happiness!

Dee x

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