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When conducting a Feng Shui audit one of the first things I do is observe the surroundings of a property to see if it has adequate support or being harmed by the external environment.

Let me explain; In Feng Shui ideally we want to see an arm chair formation giving the home wonderful support. This is where the land, trees or buildings behind are higher at the back offering support (Black Tortoise), a nice open front garden slightly lower for the energy to gather before entering the home (Crimson Phoenix), land or the property on the left hand side (Green Dragon) should be slightly higher than the right hand side (White Tiger).  In modern suburbia it is tricky to always achieve this, however with some clever landscaping it can be replicated.

An issue we sometimes encounter when looking at the landscape is poison arrows, a harmful energy that is in direct line with your home particularly in doorways and windows.   A few examples of a poison arrow is; a light post in line with your front door, a large tree or even a neighbouring home with a triangular shaped roof.  These are usually quiet easy to rectify with the use of different elements depending on the direction the poison arrow is coming from.   Leaving this sort of energy attacking your home can lead to relationship, financial and health problems. 

I regularly drive past this house pictured and it bothers me every time I do.  This is an extreme case of no support and harmful surroundings. I am horrified to think of the problems they maybe suffering from.  

When looking at the home it is dwarfed by the apartment block next door.  Another issue is there is a total of 18 balconies all of which are triangular shaped (poison arrows) pointing hostile energy directly towards the home.   Adding to that, the front of the apartment building has sharp edges coming from another direction.  If this was my client I would be recommending that they sell to a developer and get out as soon as they could! 

If you would like to find out if your home has a supportive external environment or if there are poison arrows that need to be subdued, please give me a call on 0402 019 866 to see how I can help you.

Wishing you health, wealth & happiness!

Dee x

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