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Human Luck

I regularly talk to my clients about the Heaven, Earth, and Human/Man luck, also known as the Cosmic Trinity.

💫 Heaven Luck is what you are born with - your destiny.

🌏 Earth Luck is the environment in which you live in - Feng Shui helps balance that path which helps bring opportunities.

🕺💃 Human Luck is the daily choices you make, what you do or do not do - this shapes your path, destiny and makes use of your opportunities. They are all interwoven and play an equal part in your life.

In this blog I thought I would chat to you about Human luck sometimes known as Man luck and my recent personal experience with my own human luck and how on a flip of a coin by making certain decisions can take you down a completely different path.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor. Seek your own medical advice as this is my own choice and experience.

At the beginning of the year after reading my Chinese Astrology Chart (Heaven Luck) I knew that this year was going to be more challenging for me health wise, so I have tried to take better care of myself and I also know that the Feng Shui in my home is supportive to me.

About 7 weeks ago, I experienced at what first appeared to be either food poisoning or gastro symptoms however It wasn't like a typical gastro and lasted a lot longer. After suffering a few nights of extreme stomach cramps that lasted for a few hours at a time, I visited the GP and had bloods and an ultrasound. The results showed elevated liver enzymes and an enlarged gallbladder with sludge. Omg that sounds disgusting! Haha

My GP was panicked and sent me to an emergency department where I sat for 9 hours to be told by a surgeon that yes, I would need my gallbladder out. What she did slip up and tell me was that gallbladders are the surgeons’ bread and butter! So after that comment I asked if this was an urgent procedure or could I go away and have a think and process this because it was so unexpected. She was happy for me to do so and told me of the risks of leaving it and taking it out. I decided that I was not rushing in for surgery until after some serious research and getting another opinion.

Over that weekend my partner and I did hours of research and studied to find out what would help heal the gallbladder and also ensure that my liver was also working at its best. I started juicing beetroot, celery, ginger and apple every day, eating bitter greens, taking apple cider vinegar during every meal and supplements to support a healthy liver. I started having acupuncture again with Chinese herbs and I also started to address the metaphysical side of things related to the gallbladder & liver to heal and let go of any grief, anger and bitterness with things that were connected to my past. Meditation, breathing and lots of big chats with myself has helped with that aspect. The support of my family and beautiful friends has also helped me and am beyond grateful for them regularly checking in and cheering for me in the background.

I saw gastroenterologist for the second opinion who ordered more bloods and sent me for an MRI to make sure there was no blockages in any of the bile ducts. The specialist rang me with the results and within the space of 10 days from the original bloods and ultrasound, the liver enzymes were back to a normal range and there was no blockages and no sign of my gallbladder being enlarged with the sludge.. Both the specialist and surgeon couldn’t believe in such a short time how this was even possible and asked what I had been doing, when I explained what I had been eating to support the liver/gallbladder, plus acupuncture and Chinese herbs, they said that they didn't believe that nutrition/natural medicine would have helped to heal, but here we are!

I do need to make it clear that while they didn't agree with me on the natural healing side of things, I respect their views from a medical perspective. And if the results came back that it was still enlarged with the sludge and my liver enzymes were through the roof, then I would have made the decision to book in and have it removed as I am not going to risk any complications that this can cause and understand that in certain cases it does need to be removed.

In this situation, there was no right or wrong, just choices. I could have just accepted the initial recommendation weeks ago and had my gallbladder out and would currently be healing from the surgery. However, I made the decision to heal myself rather than go down that route right at this moment. Has it been easy – absolutely not, in fact it was very painful, and I felt very ordinary for many weeks. Will it flair up again, who knows. Will I eventually need it out, again who knows. But my point is making these types of decisions is a side of the Human/Man luck.

When I look at my Heaven, Earth & Man Luck all together, and as I mentioned earlier knowing that my Heaven luck for my health wasn’t ideal this year according to my Chinese Astrology Chart. My Earth luck (Feng Shui) in my home is very good as I know a really good Feng Shui Consultant 🙊 and my Human luck was how I was going to navigate anything that may have popped up. If I had only acknowledged my Heaven luck knowing it possibly wasn’t going to be fantastic year health wise for me, I would have just had it removed without questioning things. Something in my gut told me though, that I needed to get a second opinion and because of this choice (Human/Man luck), it gave my gallbladder a chance to start healing and in turn saving myself from having surgery at this stage.

I am not suggesting this is what you should do if you have a similar experience, that is your own human luck, your choice and decision to make with your medical team. But if things are not an emergency situation, sit back and have a think and work out what is best for you, not for anyone else. After all it is your life experience to have.

Wishing you health, wealth & happiness! Dee x

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor. Seek your own medical advice as this is my own experience and choice.


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