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How to Use Mirrors For Good Feng Shui

During Feng Shui consultations I regularly get asked about mirror placement within a home according to Feng Shui, so here are some answers and a few general guidelines to help you.

Q: Where is the best position for a mirror within my home?

A: It really does depend what room you are putting it in and what will the mirror be reflecting? Generally using a mirror to capture light or reflecting a beautiful garden is perfect. You don't want to hang a mirror in your dining room

and it is reflecting the bins outside.

Q: Can I have a mirror at my front door?

A: Yes and no. Please avoid placing in direct line with the front door as the energy will just bounce back out again. You want energy entering and meander through the home, not bounce straight out.

You can place the mirror on a side wall of the entrance to create a bigger space and reflect light in the hallway.

Q: Can I have mirrors in my bedroom?

A: I don't recommend having mirrors in bedrooms because they can cause disturbed sleep by bouncing the energy around the room. They can also encourage a third party into the relationship. This also includes televisions as they are reflective when turned off.

The best place for a dressing mirror is either behind a robe door or in the bathroom. If you have a mirror or TV in your bedroom and don’t want to move it, I suggest that you cover it at night before you go to sleep. A client didn't want to change her mirror robe doors, so she was very clever and hung sheer curtains on a rod in front of them, so during the day she could easily open them and at night closed to protect her sleeping.

Q: Are square tiled or mosaic mirrors ok in the home?

A: If the mirror isn't one piece, and broken into smaller pieces like a mosaic, suggests that you can have a distorted image of yourself. If you really love that look, then I would just gauge how you feel about yourself if you often look into it.

I hope this gives you a bit more information on mirrors. Just remember to look at where you were thinking of hanging the mirror and see what it is going to reflect as you are doubling that reflection. For example is it reflecting your garden outside or the rubbish bins?

Dee x

Photo Credit @uniqwacollections


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