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Have You Ever Used A Tibetan Singing Bowl?

There are many uses for these gorgeous bowls including:

  • For meditation

  • Creating a sense of peace

  • Can be used to promote relaxation and reduce stress

  • To clear and raise the vibration of a stagnant space

I personally use a singing bowl sometimes instead of sage smudge sticks to clear and lift the homes energy.

These singing bowls are ideal for people in apartment living or office blocks where they are unable to light a sage smudge stick because the smoke may cause fire alarms to go off in the complex.

It is a great alternative if you have lung issues and find you can’t cope with the smoke produced from the sage smudging.

They are very easy to use as a tool to clear your space.

HOW TO: Before you get started performing this beautiful ritual, open all of your windows and doors.

The first step is to place the bowl on a flat palm. Wake the bowl up by tapping it with the mallet 3 times. It will start to hum. Then glide the mallet around the edge of the bowl and start walking around each room of your home three times in a clock wise manner. I always like to say a positive intention as you are moving around the home. It could be something as simple as: “With this singing bowl I am clearing any negative stagnant energy from my home to welcome in beautiful fresh energy for my family and I. Thank you”. As you keep walking through, you will notice that as the space is being cleared the singing bowl will start to sound clearer than when you first started. Once you have finished walking around your home, it is nice to just keep the bowl in the palm of you hand and let it naturally stop humming and while it does this, it is perfect to say another thank you and feel the gratitude.

Wishing you a beautiful day! Dee x


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