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Do You Need to Paint Your Front Door Red for Good Feng Shui?

I often get asked 'Do I need to paint my front door red if I want good Feng Shui?' The answer is painting your door red or any other colour isn't going to instantly give you good Feng Shui as there are many other factors that come into play. However if you do want a colour on your door, there are certain colours that will enhance different sectors of a home.

So before you get your paint brush out, it is important to establish the sector/direction of your front door first.

It is easy to find out by using a traditional compass or the compass in your phone. Stand at your front door looking out to the street and the compass will give you the direction.

Each sector (North, South, East, West etc) have different colours that enhance and support it according to the 5 Element Theory. The 5 Elements are: Fire - Earth - Metal - Water - Wood.

Let me run through each sector with you, starting with the red door as this is the most common colour I get asked about.


If your front door is located in the South, this is a Fire element.

The colours that enhance & support this sector are: red tones (red, pink, purple & orange).

Wood also enhances the South, so you can also use wood or green tones.

Southwest & Northeast

The Southwest & Northeast are an Earth element. The colours that support & enhance these sectors are: earthy tones, creams, browns.

The Fire element also enhances Earth, so these sectors can also use red tones.

West & Northwest

The West & Northwest are a Metal element. The colours that enhance & support these sectors are: White, grey, charcoal, metallics, gold, silver & bronze.

The Earth element also enhances these sectors, so you can also use earthy tones.


The North is a Water element. The colours that enhances & support this sector are: Blue and black tones.

The Metal element also enhances this sector, so you can also use Metal tones.

East & Southeast

The East & Southeast are a Wood element. The colours that enhance & support these sectors are: Wood & green tones.

The Water element also enhances these sectors, so you can also use blue and black tones.

When choosing a colour, have a look at the colour wheel and you will see that there are many shades of each colour that you can use. I hope this helps you if you are thinking about painting your door a different colour. Using the elements that support a certain sector, always makes the home feel inviting & calm.

If colour isn't your thing on a front door, having a traditional timber is ok. You can always use the elements for the sector in the decor within your home.

Happy painting!

Dee x

Photo Credit: Pinterest


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