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Do You Ask For Guidance & See Signs From The Universe?

Signs are different for everyone; songs, butterflies, dragonflies & numbers are common. I tend to see Dragonflies and triple numbers on number plates and these usually appear when I am asking the Universe for some sort of sign when I'm working on something or have questions. I love these little messages and signs!

During the heavy rains and flooding in Brisbane recently, I was questioning if I should reschedule a consultation. As soon as I verbalised it, I found a dragonfly upside down near my coffee machine. I took that as a sign and needed to postpone. Once I picked the dragonfly up and put her the right way up, she happily flew outside.

Triple number plates have also been popping up for me lately on a daily basis together with 866 which are the last three digits of my phone number. 222, 333, 444, 777, 111 & 999 are frequent. I have from time to time pushed my luck with the Universe and asked for the same number to appear a few times. For example, one day I was driving and saw two cars with 999, so I asked the Universe 'If you really are guiding me with this number, I need to see one more car with 999'. As I turned onto another street the song 'Do you believe in miracles' came on the radio and the next car to drive past the number plate was, yep you guessed it 999!!!

Do you have a special sequence that you often see? An easy way to find out the meaning of your sequence is to type Angel numbers into Google.

Just remember when you ask for guidance and then receive a sign from the Universe, it is really important to be grateful and to trust it! Enjoy these signs and recognise that you are on the right path.

I appreciate every time I see my little signs and it makes me smile knowing I'm on the right track.

Dee x


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