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How To Overcome Troublesome Neighbours & Their Negative Energy

Most of us are lucky to be surrounded by friendly neighbours and the energy coming from them is uplifting. However when you live next door to troublesome neighbours the vibes are hostile and the energy can be harmful.

When you neighbours send intimidating energy on a regular basis it causes you harm and is very important to dissolve it.

Here are a couple of different methods of achieving this.

If your neighbour is annoying for example with screaming children who disturb your rest or just irritate you, it is easily overcome by placing a large urn of still water between yourself and them (make sure the urn has a wide mouth and narrow bottom). This soaks up all annoying loud noises and creates an invisible absorbing vehicle.

If the energy coming from your neighbour is bitter hatred, spiteful or something more sinister you need to counteract and protect yourself. You do this by hanging a 30cm round mirror on your outside wall facing the neighbour that is causing you troubles. This sends all the bad energy back to them. It is also important to clear out any clutter you may have near the fence you share with that neighbour.

There are other remedies that can be put into place, however an individual Feng Shui house reading would need to be done to pin point any other troublesome areas.

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