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Clean Up Your Clutter

I have recently had the privilege of writing the following article titled 'Clean Up Your Clutter' for Abstract Imports and was featured in their November Newsletter.

Clutter is something that most of us are guilty of but don't really know how to fix. It is human nature to put these tasks into the too hard basket and believe they will do it on their next day off which rarely takes place. The months pass by and all that happens is more clutter accumultes! Unitl there is some form of organisation clutter will continue to multiply.

Unfortunately so many people do not realise the impact clutter is having on them and by letting go they will realise how much more there is to gain.

Holding onto this clutter or "stuff" causes people to live in the past and are not able to move forward; this in itself can cause unnecessary blockages, chaos, confusion, anxiety and stress.

What exactly is clutter? Clutter is: piles of papers, old magazines, piles of washing, overfilled drawers, things you no longer use, messy wardrobes, broken and unused toys, unfinished projects, clothes you no longer fit into or wear, a build-up of dust, too many nick-knacks, spoilt food in the fridge and even messy handbags.

The underlying foundation of good Feng Shui is to be clutter free. By clearing the clutter you are creating a fresh and vibrant energy flow into your home.

Ten Top Tips To Clean Up Your Clutter:

  1. Be organised before you start. Having three bags or boxes labelled: Donations, Throw Out and Keep.

  2. Start with one room at a time - Clearing out all of your clutter may seem like a huge task, but if you start with one room at a time, you will be amazed at how quickly you can get through it!

  3. Setting a timer to complete each room is a great idea. Fifteen minutes to an hour. Don't start more than you can finish in the allocated time you set. Once the timer goes off have a fifteen minute break and then try to do another round until that room is completely finished.

  4. It is important to move quickly when you pick up each item. Your first reaction is generally accurate on what box to place that item in. This is not the time to reminisce down memory lane.

  5. A rule of thumb is if you haven't used the item in twelve months or more it is time to let the item go.

  6. The aim is to have more in the rubbish and donations boxes than in the keep box.

  7. As each room is completed place the donation box into your car and drop off to the charity of your choice and put the rubbish bag straight in the bin.

  8. Once you have cleared the clutter assign a place for everything in the keep box and make sure it is put back in its place every day.

  9. Now that the clutter has been cleared it is important to thoroughly dust, vacuum and mop. You will feel that the energy in the room is so much lighter once this has been done.

  10. Set aside fifteen to twenty minutes every day to tidy up your house putting everthing back in its place. You will be amazed at how much you can get done in this time frame.

Once you have cleared all of your clutter and let og of all the unwanted goods it leaves room for new things to come into your life for example; clearer mind, new or better relationships, career advancements or material items.

I hope that you find this blog helpful and you take the time to make your life clutter free.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness!


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