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Hi and welcome to Balancing Energies!

I'm Dee Burgess and I am an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant (by the AFSC), Home Stylist, Chinese Astrologer & Secretary for the International Feng Shui Association - Australian Chapter.  I have been consulting since late 2012 and love the feeling I get when a client sees positive changes within their life once they have put my recommendations into place.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and it is important to be able to meld that correctly into our modern world.  I believe I help my clients achieve this with placement of colours and elements and the clever use of modern day appliances to activate positive areas.

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"I believe everyone wants health, wealth and happiness.  ALL this can be achieved through the positive practice of Feng Shui." - Dee, Accredited Feng Shui Consultant & Home Stylist

What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui literally means 'wind water' and is an ancient art originating in China more than 4000 years ago. It is based on the concept that everything in the environment has a life force or energy called 'qi'. It is possible to meld this ancient art into our current world, by manipulating this qi correctly with the placement of colours and elements and the clever use of modern day appliances to activate positive areas according to traditional Feng Shui principles which then helps create a happy living environment within the home promoting good health, wealth & happiness and subduing misfortunes, sickness & loss of income. 













Have you ever wondered:


  • Why some homes feel more comfortable than others?

  • Why does everything in your life seem so chaotic?

  • Why do you feel irritable, overwhelmed and lacking energy?


If your home is cluttered, disorganised with misplaced furniture, chances are your finances, health and emotional wellbeing will be just as unstable.

Is your Feng Shui in balance?  I can show you how easy it is to bring stability, peace and harmony into all aspects of your life just by making a few Feng Shui adjustments.  Many of my clients are amazed at how simple it is to implement once they have been shown how.

Are you selling your home?  My love of Feng Shui & Interior Styling has naturally melded together over the years allowing me to offer full or partial Home Staging packages combined with Feng Shui to create a beautiful space to help the potential buyer instantly feel at home.  The Feng Shui element ensures correct furniture placement, colour scheme and overall ambience giving you an edge on other properties for sale. This feeling generates maximum appeal, resulting in a faster and more profitable sale.

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What Some of My Clients Are Saying

"We engaged Dee from Balancing Energies to apply some Feng Shui to our home. She is amazing. We felt a difference the day after we applied her suggestions. A few days after this, I travelled away to run an event, and we had a record sales for our business and generated almost $2m in revenue which was the best event we have ever had. I run a business, and I believe a lot of the changes Dee helped us make, had a large impact on this. I really believe in this work, and I feel everyone would benefit from having balancing energies assist you. I have also noticed an improvement in my health and my relationship since having Dee help us with our house. I HIGHLY recommend this. Thank you"

Andrew, Buderim

"After a long period of "bad luck" including financial losses, significant sickness and career setbacks we called Dee for help. She was amazing. She is so easy to work with. Her advice is practical, non judgemental and incredibly supportive. While we are still chipping away at things and have a number of rooms to still tackle things have definitely turned around and i can feel a complete different energy in the house. My only regret is that we did not do something sooner."

Tracie-Lee, Wynnum

"We run a small business on the Coast and were experiencing delays in getting paid. The work was always there, but getting paid was never easy.  I contacted Dee to do a full Feng Shui report on our home and office to try and clear the negative energy and get a much more balanced and free flowing energy in both our business and home life. 

One of the changes that Dee suggested was that we change our office with our daughters room.  Well...the effects of this have been absolutely remarkable and it was almost instantaneous.  Literally within twenty minutes after changing our office space I received a remittance for an overdue and quite substantial payment.  Money now flows into our business easily and abundantly.  There has been so many remarkable changes in our business and family home life. 

I can't recommend Dee enough as the changes we have had are so remarkable and ongoing including:  consistently being paid on time, securing much more ongoing work, a happier more balanced home life & positive changes to our general health and well being."

Tayla, Palmwoods

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