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Unlock Your Potential with my ‘3 Power Days Calendar’ – featuring Three Powerful days: Healing, Wishing & Winning. 🌟✨


Based on the cosmic alignment of the Year, Month, Day and your unique Destiny birth chart, these days are tailor-made for you!  This isn’t just a calendar; it's your personal roadmap to tap into the powerful energy of these days.


🌿 Healing – Receiving Day: Clear the path to success by asking for help, banishing negative thoughts, and dispelling energy that holds you back. Transform obstacles into opportunities and set the stage for positive change.


🌈 Wishing – Manifesting Day: Seize the energy to make dreams a reality! On Wishing days, send out your requests to the universe, supercharging your manifestation abilities. Watch as your desires take form and unfold with magical precision.


🏆 Victory – Winning Day: Ready to conquer? Harness the Winning energy to excel in negotiations, triumph in legal matters, and achieve financial success. This is your key to unlocking a victorious path in all aspects of life.


There are a few days during the year that overlap forming a powerful 3 Victory Day, allowing you to access the magic of 3 - Healing, Wishing & Victory. ðŸŒ¿ ðŸŒˆ ðŸ†


🌈 Bonus: 12 Day Officer Days Guide!


This guide helps you navigate general day to day activities, prompting you to avoid low energy days.


Sounds amazing, doesn't it?


Grab your personalised calendar now so you can seize the power of these special days and let the magic unfold! ✨


Note:  delivered to your email address in PDF form.








3 Power Days Calendar 2024

  • Your personalised Power Day Calendar will be delivered as a PDF to your email address within 10 business days from order.  

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