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The sacredness and spirituality of the eucalyptus tree is something to be celebrated in Australia. Offering incredible protective and healing properties, our Organic Eucalyptus Smudge Stick will cleanse the home, mind and spirit. Use to ward off bad energies and bring new, healthy vibrations into your life.

Organic Eucalyptus Smudge

  • From Earth Organic Eucalyptus


    30-40cm in length


    Smudging Directions:  Open all windows and doors. Light smudge stick from the bottom, where it is tightly packed and let it flame for a few seconds, blow out so it is smoking.

    Then move around each room of the house three times in a clockwise direction. It is recommended to place a bowl underneath to catch any ash that may drop.


    While performing this cleansing, you can say a positive intention for example: Please clear any negative stale energy in my home to allow for beautiful fresh energy to enter. Thank you.


    Once you have finished with the smudge stick, butt it out, ready to reuse again.



    Please note that we cannot ship this product to an address outside of Australia.


    100% Natural / Organic / Vegan Friendly / Not tested on animals / no artificial colours or fragrance / Handmade in Torquay with locally grown ingredients.

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